2. Work

Take Back Work: Surviving Well

Chapter 2 of Take Back the Economy focuses on how taking back work involves recognising the ways in which diverse forms of work contribute to our individual and collective well-being, and how these forms of work impact on the well-being of our planet. Use the Taking Back Work tool to explore these diverse forms of work and well-being.

Taking Back Work, Chapter 2 Tool

You might find the Chapter 2 Template useful when using this tool.


Extra Resources

If you are teaching Take Back the Economy, you will find materials and extra resources (including films) for this Chapter in the Lectures 3 and 4 section on Teaching TBTE in Hong Kong

Associated with this Chapter, the authors wrote a short piece for The Conversation on how happiness is mostly a matter of surviving well together

This piece was based on their chapter, Pursuing Happiness: The Politics of Surviving Well Together, in an edited collection entitled On Happiness.  For a pdf version of this chapter, click here.