Use by Activists and Groups

This section is a work-in-progress with examples of how Take Back the Economy is being used by activists and others. Please send us your stories of how you are using it, and any examples of work you can share (email

Deborah Konecny from The Catalyst Centre has written about her response to reading the first chapters, and her thoughts about how it could be used in conversations and popular education, Introduction and Chapter 1; and Chapter 2.

Redrawing the Economy is an ongoing (global) action-research programme which brings together researchers, artists and activists in different parts of the world to expand the existing pool of ideas and images for how to take back the economy. The first phase of this programme was funded by a Scholar-Activist Grant from the Antipode Foundation, and it included workshops in Colombia, Finland and South Korea. The authors of Take Back the Economy were involved in these workshops. 

Other artist-activists who use ideas from Take Back the Economy in their practice, include:

    Ailie Rutherford and The People's Bank of Govanhill

    Bianca Elzenbaumer, co-founder of Brave New Alps who also runs the Alpine Community Economies Lab

    Kate Rich and her feral projects, including a Feral MBA and feral trade

    Kathrin Böhm of Myvillages who runs a Company Drinks project.