Interdependence Listings

Company Drinks is a drinks company with a difference.

We are a community space and social enterprise based in Barking and Dagenham, where we make drinks with and for each other. Company Drinks started in 2014 with the invitation to going picking together *, in local green spaces and the nearby countryside.

Brave New Alps combine participatory research methods with radical pedagogy, feral approaches to community economies and lots of DIY making and organising. They create spaces for making, learning and exchanging and work on a 40-year research project that focuses on supporting and creating community economies and commons in the Italian Alps.

Cube Cola (Standing on the Hands of Giants) is an open source soft drink, hand-manufactured at the Cube Cinema in Bristol UK by the unincorporated partnership of Kayle Brandon and Kate Rich.

Trajna is a design-led collective that works towards supporting multispecies livelihoods by exploring sustainable production of goods and infrastructures in Slovenia and across. With an interest in problems that arise with the spread of invasive species, we run Notweed paper, a local paper brand that offers printable paper from invasive plants and participate in APPLAUSE project.


Rovereto, Italy


Mainly Afternoon is an art direction and graphic design studio that produces visual identities, editorial design and websites for creative individuals, small businesses and cultural institutions. We focus on long-lasting solutions, are known for our simplistic typographical choices and skills in dealing with photographic material.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands