Elizabeth Barron
Published: September 2005

In this paper interpreting mushroom hunting as part of the diverse economy facilitates its place independent of environmental protection strategies like green capitalism, which fail in part because they ignore non-capitalist resource use and extraction activities that do not fit within market oriented approaches to resource management.

Katharine McKinnon
Published: September 2005

This paper offers a synopsis of the key findings of my PhD Thesis which explored the politics of development practice and theories of postdevelopment. Drawing on a series of case studies from northern Thailand, I argue that development is always political, whether it is being shaped by a politics of emancipation or the international geopolitical concerns of the day. Thus what is required in development practice is a much more aware engagement with the political dynamics at play.

Marianna Pavlovskaya
Published: January 2004

This article examines survival strategies of urban households in post-socialist cities during the transition from the Soviet system to a market economy. The article links the outcomes of systemic transformation to the daily lives of households and connects urban change induced by mass privatization to class and gender processes inside the households. These other transitions in everyday class and gender processes are consistently overlooked by macroeconomic approaches that dominate among transition theorists and policy consultants.

Marianna Pavlovskaya
Published: January 2004

This article discusses the use of GIS for an alternative analysis of the transition to capitalism in Moscow, Russia in the 1990s. Following the argument for incorporating quantitative methods into feminist research agendas, the article illustrates how GIS can be part of a critical and feminist analysis of economic transition.

Jenny Cameron, J.K. Gibson-Graham
Published: March 2003

Exploring how recent feminist thinkers are attempting to add women into the economy.

J.K. Gibson-Graham
Published: January 2003

Principles and practices for cultivating a local ethics of economic transformation.

J.K. Gibson-Graham
Published: March 2003

Situates contemporary evaluations of the success of Spain's Mondragon cooperative complex within a tradition of debate about the politics of economic transformation and argues for the development of an economics of surplus that can guide ethical decisions in community economies.

Katherine Gibson
Published: March 2002

How women's activism in the Philippines, China and Papua New Guinea is helping build and strengthen community economies.

Julie Graham, Stephen Healy, Ken Byrne
Published: May 2002

Outlines the Rethinking Economy action research project in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, highlighting the role of academy-community partnerships in constructing community economies.

Kevin St. Martin
Published: January 2001

This article draws on field research in New England to challenge conventional individualized accounts of fishery dynamics and develop a representation of fisheries as diverse sites of community organization and cooperative management of common property. This is a "re-mapping," both literal and figurative, of the landscapes of fishery practice as a strategy to open more possibilities for communal resource management.

Community Economies Collective
Published: March 2001

Outlines the 'politics of becoming' associated with desiring and building communal economies.

Katherine Gibson, Jenny Cameron
Published: May 2001

A review of Australian research and policy interventions aimed at communities and regions from the perspective of the Community Economies Project.