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Comunità Frizzante [komuniˈta fridˈdzante] literally means “sparkling community”. Our slogan is “making drinks to make community”. We are a diverse network of local and translocal organisations and informal groups who are passionate about the Vallagarina valley in the Italian Alps. Since January 2019 we are working on designing, producing and selling fizzy drinks with local flavours, focusing on participation and circular economies in each step. For us the drinks production and circulation is a method to engage people, cultivate relationships, stimulate local knowledge and increase the sense of belonging to Vallagarina.






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Carlo Bettinelli

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Foto: Comunita Frizzante

Please include a list of actors (name/weblink) with whom you actively and ethically negotiate your interdependence

In what way does your work fit with the concept of interdependence?

Our initiatives exists because of our interdependence with others: our friends from Company Drinks and Cube Cola in the UK have introduced us to participatory drinks making, the social cooperative Gruppo 78 is hosting us in their food transformation lab, the cultural association Brave New Alps is housing us legally and giving admin support, the Alpine Community Economies Lab supports us with economic thinking that breaks conventional frames, farmers are giving us access to their excess fruits and berries, a wide range of people comes picking with us and we are building relations with resistant farmers across Italy with whose values and practices we align. We are also interdependent with our local ecologies and keep on working on re-shaping the way us and the people we work with relate to nature.