Trajna idt.

Trajna is a design-led collective that works towards supporting multispecies livelihoods by exploring sustainable production of goods and infrastructures in Slovenia and across. With an interest in problems that arise with the spread of invasive species, we run Notweed paper, a local paper brand that offers printable paper from invasive plants and participate in APPLAUSE project. This 3-year project, coordinated by the city of Ljubljana, is oriented in setting up new circular economies by turning the biomass of invasive plants into a collection of eco-friendly products and services. In 2020 Trajna started to work on a new production space KRATER, which mobilises an abandoned construction site in Ljubljana for experimentation with creative forms of regeneration, collective governance and land care.

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Gaja Mežnarić Osole

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Please include a list of actors (name/weblink) with whom you actively and ethically negotiate your interdependence


Društvo za permakulturo Slovenije


Rok Oblak

Renata Šifrar


Klemen Košir

design professor Barbara Predan

Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana

Ministry of Justice

invasive plants at KRATER and across Ljubljana

volunteers at KRATER

Family members that support us financially and morally


In what way does your work fit with the concept of interdependence?


Our work deeply depends on collaboration, knowledge and skills exchange. If we want to work as an engine that introduces ethical interactions with invasive species as well as the ecosystems where they appear, we deeply depended on the involvement of ecologists, permaculture experts, policymakers, residents, entrepreneurs, cultural and educational institutions, historians, artists, designers and many human and non-human others – that connect to or embody our ideas and take them further.