Julie Graham, Janelle Cornwell
Published: December 2009

This chapter explores how Nuestras Raices and the Alliance to Develop Power, two community organizations in Western Massachusetts, are building community economies and unsettling traditional formulas for economic development.

Stephen Healy
Published: January 2009

This article reviews current literature within geography focused on alternative economies, a term that has contradictory effects in a discipline fixated on a realist imagining of the link between 'capitalism" and state through neoliberal governance.

Stephen Healy, Julie Graham
Published: May 2008

This chapter explores how the idea of sustainable development might be transformed from an impossible dream (sabotaged at every turn by the force various identified as 'capitalism," 'the market," 'modernization," and 'development") into a realistic and attainable project for organizations and communities.

Karen Werner
Published: March 2008

This paper addresses three topics: an easy-to-understand review of money and complementary currencies

Katherine Gibson, Jenny Cameron
Published: May 2005

This chapter elaborates an economic and social policy responses to build on the skills and ideas of marginalised groups.

Jenny Cameron
Published: May 2005

This chapter introduces the focus group as a method for qualitative social research.

J.K. Gibson-Graham
Published: January 2002

Offers a counter to the common denigration of local economic politics 'in the face of globalization'.