Towards An Ontological Politics of Collaborative Entanglement: Teaching and Learning as Methods Assemblage

Boone W. Shear

In this essay I reflect on and theorize efforts to teach, learn, and advance solidarity economy, a movement and design project to create the conditions for community determination and collective well-being. I draw from five years of ethnographic work and two years of teaching efforts to reassemble the resources at hand into a pedagogical intervention along the lines of what Jon Law (2004) describes as a “methods assemblage,” a set of practices, techniques, and relations that work to organize and condense particular realities. I explore how a methods assemblage of solidarity economy can open epistemological, ideological, and material trajectories toward other ways of being in the world.

Suggested citation

Shear, Boone W. "Toward an Ontological Politics of Collaborative Entanglement: Teaching and Learning as Methods Assemblage." Collaborative Anthropologies 12, no. 1 (2019): 50-75.