Radical Openings: Hegemony and the Everyday Politics of Community Economies

Rhyall Gordon

What might an alliance between Gibson-Graham’s concept of community economy and Laclau
and Mouffe’s concept of hegemony generate for theories and practices of everyday postcapitalist
politics? This essay theorizes a shared space between these concepts, opening up new ground for
politics. It provides an illustration of the dynamic of hegemony within a community economy
through empirical work carried out with food-sovereignty collectives in the Asturias region of
northern Spain. These collectives demonstrate economic practices that foreground our
communality and interdependence while negotiating the exclusion that accompanies all
politics. These food sovereignty economies demonstrate that when the concept of hegemony
is applied at the site of everyday politics, new territory is created for enacting a community

Suggested citation

Gordon, R. 2016. "Radical Openings: Hegemony and the Everyday Politics of Community Economies" Rethinking Marxism 28(1): 73–90.