Community economies in Monsoon Asia: Keywords and key reflections

Katherine Gibson
Rini Astuti
Michelle Carnegie
Alanya Chalernphon
Kelly Dombroski
Agnes Ririn Haryani
Ann Hill
B Kehi
Lisa Law
Isaac Lyne
Andrew McGregor
Katharine McKinnon
Andrew McWilliam
Fiona Miller
C Ngin
Darlene Occeña‐Gutierrez
Lisa Palmer
Pryor Placino
Mercy Rampengan
L Than Wynn
I Wianti Nur
Sarah Wright

The paper has been collaboratively written with co‐researchers across Southeast Asia and represents an experimental mode of scholarship that aims to advance a post‐development agenda.This paper introduces the project of documenting keywords of place‐based community economies in Monsoon Asia. It extends Raymond William’s cultural analysis of keywords into a non‐western context and situates this discursive approach within a material semiotic framing. For Open Access, click here.

Suggested citation

Gibson, K, R Astuti, M Carnegie, A Chalernphon, K Dombroski, AR Haryani, A Hill, B Kehi, L Law, I Lyne, A McGregor, K McKinnon, A McWilliam, F Miller, C Ngin, D Occeña‐Gutierrez, L Palmer, P Placino, M Rampengan, L Than Wynn, I Wianti Nur, and S Wright. (2018) "Community economies in Monsoon Asia: Keywords and key reflections."  Asia Pacific Viewpoint 59 (1):3-16. doi:10.1111/apv.12186.