Kate Rich

Artist, trader and feral economist.
Feral Trade
Bristol, UK


BSc Open degree in Business and Economics, Open University, 2017
BA in Media Studies, RMIT University, 1988

Research Interests

I am currently establishing the Feral MBA, a radically reimagined business school for artists and others. 

Related research contexts and collaborations:

  • Feral Trade (since 2003,). An art project and grocery business. Feral Trade utilises the spare carrying capacity of existing movements to trade coffee and other vital goods outside formal systems.
  • Institute for Experiments with Business (Ibex). A new Institute established as part of the FoAM network of trans-disciplinary labs.
  • Sail Cargo Alliance, an assembly of traders, brokers and ship owners working together to revive the historic practice of sailing cargo in wind-propelled ships.
  • RADMIN. Reclaiming the 'dull' space of administration as also a place for wild experiments and meaningful work.
  • Feral Business Coaching & Consultancy A practice that draws together skills and approaches from life coaching, business strategy, diverse economies theory,art and DIY. 
  • Cube Microplex. A volunteer run cinema, music and arts co-operative in Bristol, UK. My roles there have included Bar Manager, Accounts Team and Community Land Trust committee member.
  • Cube-Cola. A DIY open source soft drink production partnership.
  • Irational.org Art server collective.

More information: http://bureauit.org/data/krcv