Kate Rich

Artist, trader and feral economist
Feral Trade
Bristol, UK

Other Affiliations

Digital Culture Research Centre, University of the West of England


BSc Open degree in Economics and Business, Open University, 2017
BA in Media Studies, RMIT University, 1988

Research Interests

Artist, trader and feral economist based in Bristol UK. Ongoing research contexts include

My current research focus is to establish the format, rationale, context and curriculum for the Feral MBA, a radically reimagined business school for artists (and others). Against the backdrop of a Creative Economy that considers 'creativity' as a form of human capital to be harnessed for productivity and economic growth, the Feral MBA takes up a very different perspective. It asks how approaches and understandings from art could be applied to experiment with fundamentally different formats, values and outcomes for and in business itself. This project is diversely resourced and supported through a practice-based PhD at the Digital Cultures Research Unit at the University of the West of England (UWE), and the FoAM international network of trans-disciplinary labs. 

Curriculum vitae