There were three main assessment tasks:

Reflective Journal 20% (based on in-class workshops; handed in mid-semester 10% & end-of-semester 10%)

Case Study 50% (based on a Case Study Plan 10%; Case Study Visual Presentation 20%; and Case Study Report 20%)

Take Home Exam 30%


Here’s some more information and some student work:


Case Study Handout for Students

Case Study Fishbowl (This is the strategy we used to help move students along with their preparation – when it seemed like they were leaving it to the last minute)

Hope and Victor’s Visual Presentation (Women Workers’ Cooperative, Food Outlet, Chinese University of Hong Kong, CUHK). HIGHLIGHT from the presentation – the time-lapse video of Hope and Victor working during the 11pm to 1.30am Special Service Period when the students operate the Cooperative (so the women workers can go home and sleep [CUHK requires that food outlets be open til 1.30am]). There are other YouTube clips embedded in the powerpoint (interviews in Cantonese with various people involved in the cooperative).

Jackie’s Visual Presentation (One Letter Horse). HIGHLIGHT from the presentation – Jackie’s interview with Angus, from One Letter Horse.

Jamie’s Visual Presentation and Final Report (Long Valley Eco-Paddy Rice CSA)

Salom’s Visual Presentation and Final Report (Street Hawkers in Hong Kong)

Timothy’s Visual Presentation and Final Report (Kibbutzim)