CE Research Network (CERN)

The Community Economies Research Network (CERN) is an international network of researchers, activists, artists, practitioners and others who are interested in ways of enacting new visions of economy. 

CERN is based around a Listserv which members use to share information (about things such as conferences and other events, publications, and members’ research and activities). CERN is managed and supported through the Community Economies Institute (what was the Community Economies Collective). 

CERN members are committed to building diverse economies that foreground ethical economic and ecological relationships. They are inspired by, or in conversation with, the work of J.K. Gibson-Graham, and other Community Economies scholars and practitioners who have applied and extended work on community economies.

CERN members, with the support of the Community Economies Institute, are also involved in the following:

  • CERN Groups. Currently there is an arts-based group, and six regional groups (based in Aotearoa New Zealand; Asia; Europe; Latin America; North America; and Sydney). These groups are self-organising and they determine their own focus and activities.
  • CERN Publications Bulletin, a compilation of publications by CERN members which is updated every 6 months. 
  • LIVIANA, an international online conference for CERN members held annually during the first two weeks of November. 
  • CE NEWS, a section of the Community Economies website that promotes the activities of CERN and CEI members. 

CERN members are located across the globe. There are over 370 members. Find them by clicking on this map

CERN Map, March 2023

Two hints: 1) best viewed on a desktop or laptop; 2) zoom in - a lot! (in some places you'll need to go down to the street level to see all the members at that location). 

For information about joining CERN or adding new members, click here