What is the economy? How can we make the economy work for people and for the planet? Take Back the Economy is a book that explores these questions by focusing on what people are doing right now to make a difference.

Take Back the Economy (the book) is full of thinking tools and inspiring examples from around the world. It shows how people are implementing small-scale changes in their own lives to create ethical economies, and it shows how governments and corporations can also make changes that support what communities are already doing.

There is no manifesto here, no one prescribed model. Rather, readers are encouraged to take back the economy in ways appropriate for their own communities and context, using what they already have at hand.

Take Back the Economy (the website) supports the book and it includes tools and exercises that can be used by students, artists, activists and others to create more just, sustainable and equitable worlds.

You might start by reading the introduction. Then you might explore the tools and exercises for each chapter and find inspiration in the associated collective actions.

There are also examples of how Take Back the Economy has been used in teaching, including the full set of teaching materials used by Jenny Cameron when she taught an upper-level undergraduate class based on the book (at the Chinese University of Hong Kong).

The book is available from University of Minnesota Press, currently US $19.95 for the paperback version.