CERN Membership


The CERN Listserv started in January 2013 as a way to share information about community economies research, activities and events. The list was made up of members of the Community Economies Collective (now the Community Economies Institute) and people we would meet at conferences and other events who wanted to connect with like-minded people and learn more about community economies work. As more people became interested, a process was developed for adding people to the list.


CERN members are committed to building diverse economies that foreground ethical economic and ecological relationships. They are inspired by, or in conversation with, the work of J.K. Gibson-Graham, and other Community Economies scholars and practitioners who have applied and extended work on community economies.

Process for joining CERN

Anyone interested in joining CERN should contact two current CERN members to endorse their membership. In consultation with these members, potential members compose a short Introductory Statement that includes the following:

  • Name, affiliation and contact details
  • Current community economies related research / activist / teaching activities
  • Why you are interested in the community economies approach. These sentences should include specific information about which aspects of the community economies approach you are most interested in, as this helps to build connections between members
  • If applicable, any contact you have had with CERN members
  • 4-6 keywords that are relevant to your interests
  • If applicable, links to your web page/s.

Endorsers of the proposed member then contact info at communityeconomies dot org with the Introductory Statement. Once the new member is added to the list, the endorsers send out a Welcome with the new member’s Introductory Statement.

To find current CERN members you can search on the map of CERN members; look on the People page (which profiles CERN members who are also members of the Community Economies Institute); or look through the list of recent publications by members of the network.

CERN members can also join the regional and theme-based CERN groups which meet on a regular basis to connect members, and share ideas and readings. 

For more information contact info at communityeconomies dot org.