Care-full Community Economies

Kelly Dombroski
Stephen Healy
Katharine McKinnon
Image of book cover, feminist political ecology and the politics of care

For this chapter, we reviewed as much Community Economies literature on care as we could, trawling this site for anything relevant to care. Using the framing questions 'who cares?' 'what do we care for?' and 'how to do we care?' we present an imagining of what constitutes the collective, the commons we care for, and how we might care through research.

Suggested citation

Dombroski, K.,  S. Healy. and K. McKinnon (2019) ’Care-full Community Economies’ in C. Bauhardt and W. Harcourt (eds) Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care: In Search of Economic Alternatives. Routledge Studies in Ecological Economics Series, Routledge: Abingdon.