1. Reframing the Economy

Reframing the Economy, Reframing Ourselves

As discussed in Chapter 1 of Take Back the Economy, taking back the economy involves reframing the economy so that we can recognize the economic diversity that abounds in this world. This means broadening our focus from what we usually identify as ‘the economy’ to include an array of hidden economic activities. When we do this, we multiply opportunities for taking back the economy.

There are two tools for this chapter.

The first tool is based on reframing the economy as an iceberg.

     Reframing the Economy, Chapter 1 Tool

     You might find the Chapter 1 Template useful when using this tool.

The iceberg tool has been translated into different languages and into different images (including a floating coconut in the context of Fiji and the Solomon Islands). You can see these different images here.

The second tool is based on the diverse economy table (which is a way of more formally organising the 'random' activities and practices in the iceberg).

     The Diverse Economy, Chapter 1 Tool

     You might find the Chapter 1 The Diverse Economy Template useful when using this tool.


Extra Resources

If you are teaching Take Back the Economy, you will find materials and activities based on this chapter in the Lecture 1 and Lecture 2 sections of Teaching TBTE in Hong Kong.

Jenny Cameron has written about reframing the food economy (and politics) in a keynote presentation on Reframing the (Food) Economy.