Pouring Out Pouring In: Mapping Women's Work

Ailie Rutherford, Caroline Gausden and Louise Lawson
black, red and gold printed image, using block print to map out intersecting economies

Artist Ailie Rutherford has been working with Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) to visualise the complex nature of work and care for many women. The Pouring Out, Pouring In exhibition shares prints and other outcomes from the Mapping Women’s Work workshop series at GWL. Building on a University of Glasgow study, the women involved have mapped out their multiple paid and unpaid roles, thinking together about how a more equitable economic system might look. 

From failure to emancipation: the case for a feminist research practice

Ottavia Cima

In this paper, I reflect on multiple “failures” I encountered during my fieldwork on agricultural cooperatives in Kyrgyzstan: from my own “failure” to comply with a linear research design to the alleged “failure” of farmers to cooperate within the formal boundaries of cooperatives. I then suggest how a feminist research practices based on a performative ontology enables a reframing of these experiences that opens space for more hopeful affects.