Thinking with Interdependence: From Economy/Ecology to Ecological Livelihoods

Ethan Miller
J.K. Gibson-Graham

This chapter, written for the Thinking in the World Reader (Bloomsbury Press), seeks to challenge and think beyond a key blockage in contemporary life: the conventional distinction between economy and ecology. As we argue, the distinction between these two domains severs us from transformative, ethically-infused encounters with our constitutive interdependencies. We explore one possible way to affirm and expand the politicization of this interdependence: a notion of "ecological livelihoods" linked with an ethics and politics of commoning.

Suggested citation

Miller, Ethan and J.K. Gibson-Graham (forthcoming). "Thinking with Interdependence: From Economy/Ecology to Ecological Livelihoods." In J. Bennett and M. Zourazni (eds). Thinking in the World Reader. London: Bloomsbury Press.