Redrawing the Economy


Kathrin Böhm
Jenny Cameron
Binna Choi
Anna Coromina
Katherine Gibson
Wendy Harcourt
Stephen Healy
Aviv Kruglanski

Project Location

South Korea

Redrawing the Economy is an ongoing (global) action-research project which maps the diverse economies of various communities in order to grow an already existing pool of ideas and images for taking back the economy (as we know it).

This involves working with communities to develop their own narratives, measurements and representations of community economy practice. In the first phase of this programme, CERN activist-artists from Colombia, Finland and South Korea joined with the three authors of Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities (TBTE), translators of TBTE and the activist communities they work with to redraw the tools of TBTE so they are appropriate for different communities.

Redrawing the Economy, Workshop Activity

This project contributes to the community economy research and practice that seeks to make more visible those places where a different logic of economy prevails, and where mutual aid, care, cooperation and common concern are practiced. There are thousands of such efforts across the planet but the prospects for their growth and durability rests on our capacity to recognise, measure, understand and represent them.

There are three reports from the workshops conducted in Colombia, Finland and South Korea, and there is a summary report for the funder for the first phase of the project, a Scholar-Activist Grant from the Antipode Foundation. The second phase was funded by the Julie Graham Community Economies Research Fund.

Redrawing the Economy Workshop