Congratulations Prof. Caroline Shenaz Hossein

Prof. Caroline Shenaz Hossein

The work of Professor Caroline Shenaz Hossein has been featured in Ms. magazine, in an article by Rickey Gard Diamond on feminist economics to mark the occasion of the 2023 meeting of IAFFE (International Association for Feminist Economics) in Cape Town, South Africa, July 5 to 8. 

The article highlights the importance of Hossein's research in drawing attention to the long-standing cooperative and solidarity economies forged by women in diverse contexts. 

Hossein says, "As you move around the world, people have centuries of experience. Ethiopia has a rich, dynamic history of cooperative economies, and Ghana, India, China. So many stories."

This message is reiterated in Hossein's two recent collections, Beyond Racial Capitalism (2023, Oxford University Press), co-edited with Sharon D. Wright Austin and Kevin Edmonds, and Community Economies in the Global South, co-edited with Christabell, P.J. (2022, Oxford University Press).

To spread this message widely, Hossein's work is presented in online videos including the documentary The Banker Ladies, and promotions for Beyond Racial Capitalism and Community Economies in the Global South

Hossein is the founder of the Diverse Solidarity Economies Collective (DISE), a feminist collective of antiracist scholars, and a member of the Community Economies Research Network

Jenny Cameron