Community Economies at upcoming EMES Conference, Sheffield Hallam University

EMES Program Cover

Every two years the EMES research network holds an international conference and, building on Professor Katherine Gibson’s plenary session in 2017, ‘Decentering the Enterprise, Recentering the Social’, this year there is a half-day workshop on Community Economies Research and Practice as part of the opening Interdisciplinary Forum on Monday 24 June.

The workshop will introduce community economies concepts that situate social enterprise development within a diverse economy, and it will involve activist researchers who are applying community economies thinking in various projects in Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Paris.

Members of local Sheffield organizations will share their experiences of building more liveable economies, and there will be discussion of various methods that have been useful in Community Economies action research interventions.

The session will be led by Professor Katherine Gibson and Dr Joanne McNeill, with contributions by Dr Mike Foden, Aviv Kruglanski, Dr Kiri Langmead, Dr Heather McLean, Professor Pete North and Professor Doina Petrescu.

The full 7th EMES International Research Conference is from 24 to 27 June, at Sheffield Hallam University, and this year is based around the theme Sustainable Development through Social Enterprise, Co-operative and Voluntary Action: From Research to Practice and Back.

The EMES International Research Network is a European entity made up of university research centres and individual researchers, with an international membership from a range of disciplines and methodologies, and a focus on social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social economy, solidarity economy and social innovation.

As well as the plenary session in 2017 by Professor Gibson, there was a panel session organised by Dr Joanne McNeill featuring five CERN members, (Dr Esra Erdem, Dr Isaac Lyne, Professor Pete North, Dr Heather McLean and Dr McNeill).