Author Meets Readers

Reimaging Livelihoods

At the forthcoming Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Washington DC, author of Reimagining Livelihoods: Life beyond Economy, Society, and Environment meets a group of readers.

In his book, Ethan Miller argues that thinking of the world in terms of the categories of economy, society and environment not only fails to describe the actual world around us but poses a tremendous obstacle to enacting truly sustainable futures.

Such thinking leads to endless debates over how to reconcile the demands of economic development, social well-being, and environmental protection, captured for example in the political playoff between jobs-versus-environment.

Dr Miller says, “it is crucial to shift the terms of debate”, and he proposes “new frames of reference for living together on an increasingly volatile Earth".

Dr Miller is joined on the panel by Dr Stephen Healy, Dr Katharine McKinnon, Dr Scott Sharpe and Associate Professor Maliha Safri.

The panel is organised by Dr Stephen Healy, one of the series editors of the Diverse Economies and Liveable Worlds Book Series, published by University of Minnesota Press.

Dr Miller’s book is the third in the series, joining Carving Out the Commons (by Amanda Huron) and Building Dignified Worlds (by Gerda Roelvink).

The panel will be held on 5 April 2019 from 5:00pm to 6:40pm in the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel (Washington 3, Exhibition Level). For more information contact Dr Stephen Healy,

Jenny Cameron