Ann Hill

Assistant Professor in Education
Faculty of Education
University of Canberra


PhD Human Geography The Australian National University 2014
BA Hons Human Geography, BA Macquarie University 1991 and Hons. The Australian National University 2003

Research Interests

Currently my work centres on collective ethics and methods for living in a climate and resource changing world. My research interests include:

  • re-thinking economies and food systems in the Anthropocene
  • conceptualising community food economies
  • urban and peri-urban agriculture
  • developing hybrid collective research methodologies
  • post-typhoon livelihood rebuilding and disaster management
  • theorising and empirically demonstrating more-than human ethics
  • critical development studies
  • fostering Australian-Asia research collaborations and learning partnerships 
  • educating for sustainable worlds 
  • strengthening economic resilience in Monsoon Asia 

My PhD research titled 'Growing Community Food Economies in the Philippines' is about collective ethical economic action. It draws on empirical cases of regional food projects in Manila and Mindanao and examines possible post-capitalist economic growth trajectories in the Philippines context. This project also examines collective methods. Drawing on actor network theory and hybrid collective thinking it emprically demonstrates 'hybrid collective world making', foregrounding the role various human and nonhuman actors (e.g. typhoons, river systems and digital media) play in shaping food and economic futures.

Contact Information

Faculty of Education 

University of Canberra