Towards An Ontological Politics of Collaborative Entanglement: Teaching and Learning as Methods Assemblage

Boone W. Shear

In this essay I reflect on and theorize efforts to teach, learn, and advance solidarity economy, a movement and design project to create the conditions for community determination and collective well-being. I draw from five years of ethnographic work and two years of teaching efforts to reassemble the resources at hand into a pedagogical intervention along the lines of what Jon Law (2004) describes as a “methods assemblage,” a set of practices, techniques, and relations that work to organize and condense particular realities.

Learning Away From Neoliberalism: Lines of Connection to Other Worlds

Boone W. Shear

In this essay, I envision the university, not simply as a discreet institution with formal boundaries to attend to and defend from neoliberal and conservative assaults, but as a location of possibility from which to locate and advance projects that connect students and others to the possibility of other economic worlds.

Solidarity Economy Divided: A Philadelphia Case Study

Craig Borowiak
Stephen Healy
Marianna Pavlovskaya
Maliha Safri

In debates over post-capitalist politics, growing attention has been paid to the solidarity economy (SE), a framework that draws together diverse practices ranging from co-ops to community gardens. Despite proponents’ commitment to inclusion, racial and class divides suffuse the SE movement. Using qualitative fieldwork and an original SE dataset, this article examines the geospatial composition of the SE within the segregated geography of Philadelphia.

Solidarity Economy and Community Development: Emerging Cases in Three Massachusetts Cities

Penn Loh
Boone Shear

Solidarity Economy is a movement that can build power within and across scales and win supportive policy and public resources. Using the development of SE in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield, Massachusetts as examples, the article discusses the possibilities and challenges for SE projects to negotiate across differing values and politics, racial and class divides, and the challenge of accessing startup capital and building finance.

Other Economies Are Possible

Ethan Miller

Discussion of the history and concept of 'solidarity economy" and possible implementations in the U.S. context.