Accomodate diverse livelihoods

Pryor Placino
Katherine Gibson

This short essay is part of the last volume in the Future Cities Laboratory Indicia Series. It contributes to the principle of 'Stimulating Diverse Economies' in designing sustainable future cities. The paper is an invitation for various social and institutional actors to accommodate diverse livelihoods. It suggests that for cities to become genuinely resilient, their design and development need to pay attention to the plural and entangled forms of work that are crucial in creating a sustainable condition for both human and earth others to flourish.

Suggested citation

Placino, P. and Gibson, K. (2002). Accommodating diverse livelihoods. In S. Cairns & D. Tunas

(Eds.), Future Cities Laboratory: Indicia 03. Lars Mùˆller Publishers. https://www.lars-mueller-