Community Economies

Marianna Pavlovskaya

Contact Details:

Ph.D., Geography 1998. Clark University, Worcester MA

M.A., Geography 1987. Moscow State University, Russia

Research Areas:

I am interested in four broad areas of research. The first involves a critical understanding of the post-socialist economic and social transformation in Russia and theories of transition to a market economy. The second focuses on the connections between class and gender processes, transformations of urban space, and mobility. The third interest includes a critical engagement with GIS technology and practice; and the last area of research is urban political ecology and environmental justice. In my scholarship I attempt to rethink theoretical understandings of social and spatial processes and ground these theoretical perspectives in empirical work.


Mapping Urban Change and Changing GIS: Other Views of Economic Restructuring

Marianna Pavlovskaya

This article discusses the use of GIS for an alternative analysis of the transition to capitalism in Moscow, Russia in the 1990s. Following the argument for incorporating quantitative methods into feminist research agendas, the article illustrates how GIS can be part of a critical and feminist analysis of economic transition.


Pavlovskaya, M. 2002. "Mapping urban change and changing GIS: Other views of economic restructuring," Gender, place and culture: A journal of feminist geography, V 9 (3): 281 – 289

Other Transitions: Multiple Economies of Moscow Households in the 1990s

Marianna Pavlovskaya

This article examines survival strategies of urban households in post-socialist cities during the transition from the Soviet system to a market economy. The article links the outcomes of systemic transformation to the daily lives of households and connects urban change induced by mass privatization to class and gender processes inside the households. These “other transitions” in everyday class and gender processes are consistently overlooked by macroeconomic approaches that dominate among transition theorists and policy consultants.


Pavlovskaya, M. 2004. “Other transitions: Multiple economies of Moscow households in the 1990s." The Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 94(2), pp. 329–351.