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Many hands picking leaves from a central table , Two people holding up containers of fruit they have picked , Three bottles and a packet showing the products developed

Company Drinks is a drinks company with a difference.

We are a community space and social enterprise based in Barking and Dagenham, where we make drinks with and for each other. Company Drinks started in 2014 with the invitation to going picking together *, in local green spaces and the nearby countryside.

Since then it has developed into a network of strands which include growing, drinks making, heritage, well-being, learning


In this essay I reflect on and theorize efforts to teach, learn, and advance solidarity economy, a movement and design project to create the conditions for community determination and collective well-being. I draw from five years of ethnographic work and two years of teaching efforts to reassemble the resources at hand into a pedagogical intervention along the lines of what Jon Law (2004) describes as a “methods assemblage,” a set of


On her YouTube Channel, Kelly Dombroski has a series of six videos that can be used in teaching about community economies:


The 2013 book, Take Back the Economy (by J.K. Gibson-Graham, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy) has been used in a variety of teaching settings.

The teaching section of the Take Back the Economy website details of some of the ways the book has been used, including:


In this article, Katharine and Kelly reflect on the role of the body in ethnographic research, suggesting some questions we might consider as we seek to create caring academic communities supporting each other in ethnographic work.