Lecture 14: Conclusion

This was our final week, and we had two main tasks.

First, we needed to give the students feedback on their case study presentations, especially to help them think about what to do in their case study report. We did this using the fishbowl technique, which we had also used in Week 12 (as part of their preparation for the case study presentations).

Second, we reviewed the course by helping the students prepare for the take home exam. So we handed out the exam, broke students into pairs so that two pairs worked on Question 2 and two pairs worked on Question 3 (we did not look at Question 1 as they already knew from Week 11 that there would be a question based on Chapter 6). In the pairs they first did a 10 minute brainstorm of the sorts of things they might cover in answering the question. Then they came back and presented their ideas of the rest of the class. Then we swapped the pairs around (so that if they did Q2 they now focused in Q3 and vice versa), and go them to do some research for 30 minutes on the resources from the course that they would use to answer the question (e.g. the readings and examples that they thought would be most useful). They presented their ideas and recommendations to the class and that generated lots of discussion about points from the readings and why they might use particular examples.