Ethical Negotiation Within Capitalism

Collective Action for Distributing Surplus: Distributing surplus to social and environmental ends

Just as cooperatives and social enterprises can priortise social and environmental goals, so too can capitalist firms.

Examples of how capitalist enterprises can and do distribute surplus for social and environmental ends include:

Belu Water, in the UK, has pledged to give all its profits for three years to the non-profit organisation WaterAid to help fund clean water projects in the majority world. As well, Belu Water operates as a carbon nutral company.

Interface® is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpets and through its Achieving Mission Zero™ program it is using its surplus to invest in technologies that will eliminate any negative impacts the company has on the environment by the year 2020.

Transforming Capitalism from Within is a ten-point charter which encourages capitalist enterprises to respect all of the internal and external relationships that are part of corporate life.

Based in the US, but now operating in 28 countries, B Corporation (or B Corps) certifies businesses that have high levels of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.