Sharing What we Need to Survive Well

Collective Action for Surviving Well: Minimizing our use of resources by sharing with others

Another collective action that can help us survive well is to share the things we need materially. This action reduces our levels of consumption and helps to minimise pressures on the planet.

The things that people share include housing and land:

In co-housing a series of individual homes are clustered around shared gardens and play spaces. Often there are shared laundries and a common house where neighbours share meals. There are co-housing organisations in many countries in the minority world, including:

Co-housing Association of the US

Co-housing Australia

UK Cohousing Network.

 In Landshare, people with available land offer it to others for gardening and agriculture. In the UK, Landshare has over 73,000 members and it is being adapted in other countries, such as Australia.