Government Inputs for Everyone's Survival

Collective Action for Surviving Well: Making sure governments provide the basic supports that benefit everyone.

Social services such as education, health care and transportation help people to survive well. These services are critical to all people, but especially for people who are poorly paid or who lead subsistence lives.

Examples of governments providing basic support services include:

Mision Barrio Adrento (Inside the Neighbourhood program), a Venezuelan government health program focusing on health services for people living in the barrios (or slums)

Bus Rapid Transit, Curitiba, a city infrastructure initiative in Southern Brazil that has made public transport accessible to all and allows some groups to travel for free

In the UK the government provides a carer’s allowance to assist people who care for others with long-term care needs. This allows caregivers to maintain their own well-being even receiving encouragement to get a haircut or take a holiday.