Making Other Worlds Possible: Performing Diverse Economies

Gerda Roelvink
Kevin St. Martin
J.K. Gibson-Graham (Eds)
Making Other Worlds Possible

What exactly constitutes an economy? Making Other Worlds Possible brings together a compelling range of projects inspired by the diverse economies research agenda pioneered by J. K. Gibson-Graham. Firmly establishing diverse economies as a field of research, Making Other Worlds Possible outlines an array of different ways scholars are enacting economies that privilege ethical negotiation and a politics of possibility.

What makes the book so special is that each of authors know the communities they speak of and they write with real passion — Antipode

Suggested citation

Roelvink, G., St. Martin, G., Gibson-Graham, K., & Gibson-Graham, J. K. 2015. Making other worlds possible: Performing diverse economies. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.