Eeva Talvikallio

Independent professional of multilingual communication
Member of workers’ cooperative Osuuskunta Väenvoima
Siuro / Tampere, Pirkanmaa region, Finland


2014 – Master of Arts, Multilingual Communication and Translation Studies, School of Language, Translation and Literary Studies, University of Tampere, Finland.
2010 – Bachelor of Arts, French Language, School of Modern Languages and Translation Studies, University of Tampere, Finland.
2004 – Graduate, Jämsä General-Academic Upper Secondary School, Jämsä, Finland.

Research Interests

Sustainable, locally-based practices of self-subsistence: Studying, developing, engaging in, and spreading practices of autonomous and communal self-subsistence based on experientially/experimentally accumulated understandings of local ecological communities, habitats, and cultures, notably in the Finnish/Nordic contexts.

Interlingual, intersemiotic, and interspecies communication and translation: Studying, developing, engaging in, and facilitating ethical communication between members of the human species, as well as between humans and members of other species. Studying, practicing, and experimenting with non-linguistic forms of communication and listening, notably those involving physical contact, improvisation, and dance.

Post-humanist art and literature: Studying and experimenting ways in which art, notably literature, can contribute to enhancing human sensibilities to other forms of living and non-living existence, thereby potentially calling forth desire and action to reduce (harmful) human impact.

Nature spirituality: Studying traditional, locally-rooted nature spirituality and its contemporary forms and traces in the Finnish society, culture, and people’s everyday life. Maintaining and revitalizing nonreligious practices of the sacred/holy in relation to nature (e.g. sauna and swimming in icy waters).

Art, activism, and civil disobedience as means for societal transformation: Studying and participating in various forms of individual and collective action to promote societal transformation toward better, more sustainable, and more equitable futures for all.

Contact Information, 00358 503 425 969