Researching Post-capitalist Possibilities

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The second PhD Short Course on Researching Post-capitalist Possibilities will be held at Western Sydney University, 15 to 17 and 20 to 22 January 2020 (with a one-day conference on 23 January).

The short course will be led by J.K. Gibson-Graham, Stephen Healy and members of the Community Economies Research Network (CERN), and it explores the role of the humanities and social sciences in making other worlds possible, the capacities that scholars have to shape the world, and the associated ethical responsibilities and earthly cares.

The course combines lectures, small group discussions, fishbowl discussions, walking seminars and collaborative exercises, with the first three days exploring the conceptual foundations of feminist post-capitalist thinking, and the second three days focusing on how to imagine and enact post-capitalist possibilities through research practice.

For early stage PhD students the course offers a demanding but invaluable immersion in social theory debates, while for more advanced doctoral scholars and Early Career Researchers it offers the opportunity to clarify and refine their research contribution.

One scholar who attended the 2019 Summer School reported that the school was "thought provoking,
engaging and fun! It made me think about my research in a transformative light and how it can open up possibilities for a more ethical society", while another said "You will work in an inclusive yet challenging environment to learn new ideas and expand your thinking. You have the chance to learn conceptual theoretical perspectives as well as methods and methodology".

For more information on the course, including options for Course Credit, please contact