Online Workshop on Making Non-Capitalist Economies

El Cambalache

The Department of Decolonial Economics at El Cambalache is running its third online workshop: Make Your Own Non-Capitalist Economy.

The workshop is provided in both English and Spanish, and will take place as two-hour sessions on Saturdays from May 29 to September 11, 2021.

El Cambalache was founded in 2015 and is a moneyless economy project located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, made by and for women and everyone in their everyday networks, as featured in the documentary, Inter-Change Value (2016).

For the workshop, the El Cambalache collective will facilitate a series of sessions on, ‘Sharing Seeds of Practice from El Cambalache: The Thought and Praxis of El Cambalache.’

Other sessions include ‘Midwives, Healers, and Other Decolonial Feminisms from Venezuala and Cuba: Strategies for Thinking History from a Decolonial Perspective’, facilitated by activist and Afro-feminist historian Tito Mitjans Alayón and retired Professor and researcher from the University of Los Andes, Venezuela Belkis Rojas; and ‘What Green Economy? Dispossession and Sustainable Development in the Climate Crisis’, facilitated by documentary filmmaker, photographer and independent journalist Aldo Santiago.

Erin Araujo, one of the founders and generators of El Cambalache, will run the opening sessions on ‘Methods in Theory and Practice for Creating Decolonial Diverse Economies in the Americas.’

Participants will be invited to share current and future projects to discuss and develop during the workshops and there will be readings, as well as writing activities.

The workshop is designed for people interested in creating, practicing and collectively researching noncapitalist economic projects to be carried out in their places of residence or research. Everyone is invited to participate, and women, Indigenous people and LBGTIQ++ are especially invited.

More details are available here or by emailing Dr Erin Araujo at and

Videos about the workshop are also available:

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