Finnish Translation of Take Back the Economy

Take Back the Economy Translations

A recently published Finnish translation of Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming our Communities joins the earlier Korean and Spanish translations, published in 2014 and 2017.

Elävä talous: Yhteisen tulevaisuuden toimintaopas is published by Vastapaino. Like the original, Elävä talous is structured as a guide for collective action, but one difference is that Eeva Talvikallio has been included as an additional author.

Working with the support of Tuomo Alhojärvi and Pieta Hyvärinen, Eeva added a range of inspirational examples from Finland to help adapt the text for the local context.

More than a translation, Elävä talous is a rethinking of community economies in the Finnish context with its specific language(s), negotiations and struggles. This means both fidelity towards and departures from the original, thus taking back the (language of) economy.

Tuomo and Pieta reflect on this process of more-than-translation in their chapter in the forthcoming (2020) The Handbook of Diverse Economies Handbook, edited by J.K. Gibson-Graham and Kelly Dombroski (and published by Edward Elgar).