Community Economies at the Seeds of Change Conference

Diverse Economies Workshop

Dr Ann Hill and Professor Katherine Gibson have been at the "Seeds of Change: Gender Equality Through Agricultural Research for Development" conference in Canberra (Australia) this week.

They jointly ran a workshop on "Community Partnering for Local Development" based around the website they had developed as part of their action research in the Philippines.

Ann reports that there were 25 participants from all continents and that they "went away excited about using the website and other resources for assets mapping and diverse economies mapping".

Katherine was the opening keynote speaker presenting on the topic of "Building gender equity from the bottom up in agricultural communities". 

In a video interview after the keynote, Katherine was invited to reflect on why members of the audience had been moved to tears during her presentation.

She responded by highlighting "The importance of the voices of actual people we've worked with, and letting them speak in the videos" that were part of the stories she told in the keynote presentation.