2019 Warsaw Biennale - The Art of the Cooperative

The Art of the Cooperative

Katherine Gibson, Kathrin Böhm, and Bina Choi recently participated in The Art of the Cooperative curated by Kuba Szreda for the 2019 Warsaw Biennale.

The theme of the Biennale is “Let’s Organize Our Future” and it brings artists and activist and activist/artists together.

In a day-long workshop held in the gardens of the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, artists and organizers mapped out the economies above and below the waterline that they are involved in and traced the networks of interdependence that their organizations are enmeshed in.

Katherine, Kathrin and Binna used methods they pioneered in the Redrawing the Economy Project (part funded by the Antipode Foundation) to facilitate the activities.