A social enterprise is a business that puts social and environmental objectives on the agenda as well as profit making; it is undertaken to provide community benefit directly. via employment. profit sharing and care of the environment. In many parts of the world social enterprises are being supported by communities and governments because they are helping to address social and economic marginalization of people and places.

This film looks at how some social entrepreneurs and social enterprises are pursuing new development pathways in the Philippines. It showcases social enterprises created by community groups in the provinces of Surigao del Norte. Bukidnon. Bohol and Lanao del Norte. It contains interviews with social entrepreneurs and community members who are spearheading social enterprise development that: provides purposeful work; generates cash income: mobilizes local assets: services community needs: builds organizational capacity and strengthens the resilience of local economies.

Produced by Katherine Gibson, Maria Angela Villaba, Ann Hill, and Paul Macklay.