Lectures 11 and 12

We were meant to spend these two weeks focused on Chapter 6 of TBTE (Take Back the Economy), “Take Back Finance: Investing in Futures”. However, we spent only one week on the chapter and used the second week to do some detailed work on the case studies (as I was concerned that the case studies were being left to the last minute—you can read about the Case Study Fishbowl we used in Lecture 12 to get the students moving on their case studies, and there’s more on the Case Studies in the Assessment section).

Because we only spent one week on Chapter 6, I said there would be a question based on Chapter 6 in the exam (and there was!).

(Note that the week numbers identified in the powerpoint slides are different to the lecture numbers used here, because of public holidays).

Lecture 11

Lecture 11, Powerpoint