Videos on Community Economies Topics and Issues

Kelly Dombroski has a series of six videos that can be used in teaching about community economies. They are available on Kelly's YouTube Channel or through the Community Economies Institute YouTube Channel:

  • Doing Finance Differently is about community-based financing in the form of ROSCAs (Rotating Savings and Credit Associations), and is set in Indonesia. This video highlights the contribution that ROSCAs play in the lives of individuals and communities. A terrific accompaniment to this video is The Banker Ladies by Caroline Hussein which is set in Canada and explores the crucial role of ROSCAs in the lives of migrant women as they provide for their families and themselves (click here for a summary).
  • Hope Frustrated explores climate change adaptation in Lalua, Bangladesh, and it highlights how people's means of livelihood from both the land and the sea are being eroded by a shift in land use from a village to a port.
  • Patuakhali Water Museum Bangladesh presents a case study of community-led action to generate awareness of water issues and the importance of water as a commons in a country known as 'a nation of rivers.'

  • Water Resources in Bhutan explores the challenges and hopes of caring for a river commons in a country that 'measures' development in terms of the nation's gross national happiness (GNH), and has four pillars for development: social and economic development; tradition and culture; the environment; and good governance.

  • New Forms of 'Commoning' in a Post-Quake City is based on an interview between Kelly Dombroski and Katherine Gibson, in which Kelly talks about some of the innovative commoning initiatives that have developed in the city of Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand as people find ways of living in a city transformed by a disaster.

  • Negotiating and Cooperating in Food Cooperatives is based on an interview between Jenny Cameron and Katherine Gibson, in which Jenny talks about a consumer cooperative in Newcastle, Australia and a women workers' cooperative in Hong Kong. The video explores some of the ethical negotiations in cooperative enterprises.

The Community Economies Institute YouTube Channel also has other multi-media resources for use in teaching.

Patuakhali Water Museum Bangladesh
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