Community Economies in Aotearoa New Zealand

Gradon Diprose
Kelly Dombroski
Stephen Healy
Waitora, Joanne

This commentary was invited by the special editors of this issue and is partly based on the Community Economies session that the four authors organised at the Social Movements Conference III: Resistance and Social Change in Wellington, 2016.1During the session, a number of questions were asked by participants. Some of these questions were new for us, while others have been asked of Community Economy scholars before. All of the questions however, point to ongoing pressing concerns around how to act ethically with human and non-human others in ways that decolonise our colonial, capitalist-oriented economy and society. In what follows we briefly outline some key theoretical underpinnings of Community Economies scholarship, and then provide some reflections on the questions asked during the 2016 conference session.

Suggested citation

Diprose, G, Domborski, K. Healy, S. Waitaro. 2017. "Community Economies in Autearoa New Zealand." invited commentary for Counterfutures issue no. 4.