Community Economies

Yahya M. Madra

Contact Details:

[email protected]; [email protected]

Department of Economics Natuk Birkan Building, Bebek, 34342, Istanbul, TÜRKIYE


Associate Professor of Economics

Research Areas:

political economy of economic difference; the intersection between Marxian political economy and Lacanian psychoanalysis; history of economic discourses; political economy of neoliberalism; political economy of oil


Enjoyment as an Economic Factor: Reading Marx with Lacan

Ceren Özselçuk, Yahya M. Madra

This paper takes issue with economic discourses that present excessive greed as the central cause of economic crises.  We argue that this focus on greed as the catalyst (when harnessed “appropriately”) or the enemy of social order keeps the public debate from deliberating on the particular modes of enjoyment (jouissance) which both shore up and destabilize the dynamics of production, appropriation, distribution and consumption under capitalism. We produce an analysis of the latest crisis of US capitalism that steers away not only from the theoretical humanist categories like "greed", but also from the residual reproductionism that continues to silently inform certain Lacanian analyses.

Özselçuk, C. and Madra, Y. M. 2010. Enjoyment as an Economic Factor: Reading Marx with Lacan, Subjectivity 3(3),  323–347.