Community Economies

Ted White

Contact Details:

Ted White

Amherst, MA

email  [email protected]



2013 PhD Geosciences/Geography, University of Massachusetts Amherst

2005 MS Geography, University of Massachusetts Amherst

2001 BA Humanities, New College of California 

Research Areas:

I'm interested in the intersection of alternative agriculture, food systems and community economies.

My qualitative PhD research examined how community suppported agriculture (CSA) has cultivated economic creativity and innovation deeply linked to environmental and social ethics. This research also explores how various CSA-inspired community supported enterprises (CSEs), from community supported fisheries to community supported art programs are having similar stimulating effects on participants and their sense of economic possibility. I hope my research and teaching can provide a strong sense of agency for acquiring new economic identities and skills. After working with many community-based non-profits, my continual aspiration is to connect education to hands-on, personal experience.

Besides investigating alternative farming and food systems, other interests include: crowd funding, gift economy, philanthropy, community control of renewable energy, rethinking transportation towards a greater role for walking and bicycling, and social and historical expressions within public art and popular media.




Economies of Trust

Ted White, white

This article examines how the “honor system” is being used in innovative ways by a variety of small enterprises, with the main focus on farm stands operating in New England. When farmers offer their produce to the public using these non-staffed, honor system environments, they cultivate the vital practice of trust between producer and consumer.

2008 “Economies of Trust” Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet. Editors: Allard , Davidson, and Matthaei. Changemaker Publications, Chicago, IL.130-138