Community Economies

Nate Gabriel

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nategabriel [at]



Ph.D. Candidate, Geography, Rutgers University

M.A. Urban Studies, Temple University

B.A. Anthropology, Prescott College

Research Areas:

Subsistence and other diverse economic practice in the city, urban political ecology, vital materialism, archives as representations of space, visuallity and the production of urban space


Mapping urban space

Nate Gabriel

This articles engages with the notion of the city as capitalist space, focusing on the specific actors that come together to realign economically heterogeneous spaces into the monolithic, capitalist city.

Gabriel, N. 2013. "Mapping urban space The production, division and reconfiguration of natures and economies". City 17(3): 325–342,

The Work that Parks Do

Nate Gabriel


Discusses the role of visual representation in the production of urban economic subjects. Focus on Philadelphia in the 19th Century. Includes a discussion of the continuation of subsistence practices into the 20th. 4 images.