Community Economies

Gerda Roelvink

Contact Details:

Research Fellow
Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy
University of Western Sydney


PhD (Australian National University)
MA (Auckland)

Research Areas:

Collective Action and Practices of Political Engagement: New forms of collective action, the World Social Forum movement, the politics of anti-globalisation, representation and spaces of democracy, feminist political theory, experimental and reparative research practices.

Diverse Economies and Citizenship: Diverse and community economies, economic ethics, economic representation, the social networks of markets, dignity and the concept of species-being.

Environmental Studies and Citizenship: Developing an economic ethics for the Anthropocene, research collectives and post positivist research methodologies for sustainability, collective action and climate change.


Collective Action and the Politics of Affect

Gerda Roelvink

This article examines the force of affect in collective action transforming the economy. I draw on my experience at the 2005 World Social Forum to illustrate the operation of affect in collective action.  

Roelvink, G. Forthcoming. Collective action and the politics of affect, Emotion, Space and Society.

An Economic Ethics for the Anthropocene

Gerda Roelvink, JK Gibson-Graham

Faced with the daunting prospect of global warming and the apparent stalemate in the formal political sphere, this paper explores how human beings are transformed by, and transformative of, the world in which we find ourselves.

Gibson-Graham, J.K. and G. Roelvink. 2010. An economic ethics for the Anthropocene, Antipode  41(1), 320-346.

A Postcapitalist Politics of Dwelling

Gerda Roelvink, JK Gibson-Graham

In this essay we draw on community economies and ecological humanities scholarship to tackle perhaps the most pressing question of our time—how do we live together with human and non-human others?

Roevlink, G. and J.K. Gibson-Graham. 2009. A postcapitalist politics of dwelling, Australian Humanities Review 46, 145-158.

Social Innovation for Community Economies

Gerda Roelvink, JK Gibson-Graham

In this chapter we stage a conversation between two innovative and longstanding projects, (1) the multiphase European-based research project on local social innovation that is represented in this book and (2) the Community Economies project which is engaged in rethinking economy through action research in Australia, the Philippines and the US.

Gibson-Graham, J.K. and G. Roelvink. 2009. Social innovation for community economies, in D. MacCallum, F. Moulaert, J. Hillier and S. Haddock (eds) Social Innovation and Territorial Development, Ashgate, Farnham, UK, 25-37.

Broadening the Horizons of Economy

Gerda Roelvink

This article draws on the work of Bruno Latour and Eve Sedgwick to examine the ways in which two documentary films are broadening the horizons of economy.

Roelvink, G. 2009. Broadening the horizons of economy. Jouranl of Cultural Economy 2(3), 325-344.

Review Article: Performing the Market

Gerda Roelvink

This review artilce asks, how is it that Elyachar’s book, Markets of Dispossession, is able to contribute both to critical Marxist research documenting and analysing neoliberalism and also to a post-structural performative approach to market networks?

Roelvink, G. 2007. Review article: performing the market, Social Identities 13(1), 125-133.