Community Economies

Esra Erdem

Contact Details:

Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences

Berlin, Germany

Email: esra.erdem(at)


PhD Economics (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
MA   Economics (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
BA    Industrial Engineering (University of Karlsruhe)

Research Areas:

Community economies in Berlin

Economic citizenship in urban space

Political economy of gender and migration

Marxian political economy


Reading Foucault with Gibson-Graham

Esra Erdem

The article explores how the creative enactment of alternative urban imaginaries in Berlin can be theorized from a political economy perspective. It draws on the work of Gibson-Graham and Foucault to develop a heterotopic reading of economic diversity, focusing on three distinct aspects: the ubiquity and multiplicity of 'other spaces', the (il)legibility of the spatial order, and the politics of difference articulated through heterotopias.

Erdem, Esra. 2014. Reading Foucault with Gibson-Graham: The Politics of 'Other Spaces' in Berlin. Rethinking Marxism 26(1), 61-75.

Introduction to the Symposium in Memory of Julie Graham

Esra Erdem

This introduction shows how J. K. Gibson-Graham's work continues to inspire current scholarship in the Marxian tradition. It provides an overview of articles published in Rethinking Marxism as Part I of a two-part symposium.  Erdem, E. "Introduction: Postcapitalist Encounters with Class and Community". Rethinking Marxism 25(4), 464-468.

Thinking with Marx For a Feminist Postcapitalist Politics

Ceren Özselçuk, Esra Erdem, JK Gibson-Graham

The article discusses the theoretical openings accorded by the recognition of economic difference and contingency within the Marxist tradition, exploring their potential contributions towards imagining and enacting a postcapitalist politics of economic transformation and experimentation.


Gibson-Graham, J.K., E. Erdem, C. Özselçuk (2013). "Thinking with Marx For a Feminist Postcapitalist Politics", R. Jaeggi and D. Loick (Eds.) Marx' Kritik der Gesellschaft. Berlin: Akademie Verlag.