Talks and Workshops in Chile

[Workshop image]

Katherine Gibson travelled to Conception, Talca and Curicó to give lectures and participate in workshops with community economy organizations. The trip was partly organized by Assoc Prof Beatriz Cid (Department of Sociology, Catholic University of Concéption) who has been using the diverse economies framework in a collaborative research project with community organizations and enterprises in Valparaiso and the Bio Bió region (north to Talca, Concéption and south in Mapuche territory). Dr Eduardo Letelier (Economics, Catholic University of Talca) organized other events in Talca and Curicó including a a Campesino Forum on the commons and rural life.

The pictures below shows students, researchers and community members producing assets and needs maps and diverse economy icebergs for their communities. The workshop was held at a community garden site that was established during the dictatorship by women in Tomé, one of three company towns built north of Concéption to house workers in the textile industry. Mass unemployment during the dictatorship among communities who had supported Allende’s government led the community to growing food for survival. This garden has lasted many decades and remains a vital community hub. Arturo and I and all gathered were treated to a fabulous lunch after the workshop and a tour of the garden.

[Arturo in the garden]

[Katherine Gibson at workshop in Chile]