Community Economies

Community Economies Collective

The Community Economies Collective is a group of scholars and practitioners who are producing new knowledge about community economies and whose research is publicly shared via this website. The CE website is the public face of community economies research that has been inspired by, and extends, the work of J.K. Gibson-Graham. As such, members of the CEC are prepared to be contacted for invitations to represent the work of the Collective in multiple contexts.

Research output on the CE website includes:

  • Prepublication versions of papers and book chapters
  • Conference papers
  • Research proposals
  • Unpublished discussions papers and ideas pieces
  • Relevant book reviews
  • Action research methods
  • Power point presentations
  • Videos
  • Videoed lectures
  • Discussion of emerging research themes

Graduate student CEC members are invited to work with others in the collective to edit their unpublished work prior to uploading it.

Collective members participate in bi-yearly working bees to upgrade and revitalize this site. The Julie Graham Community Economies Research Fund is administered by a committee drawn from the CEC. It provides financial support for events that further the development of community economies research and praxis. The Collective creates occasional Working Groups that attend to matters of governance and planning. Volunteer membership of this group is open to change on a yearly basis.

The process for admitting new members to the CEC:

  1. The potential member should be known by two current CEC members who would act as nominators.
  2. Potential members of the CEC are invited to write a brief introductory biography with a short discussion of how their work intersects with existing and emerging CEC research interests. The document need not exceed one page, and CEC members are happy to help draft it. The introductory statement is then be posted to the [email protected] by one of the nominators.
  3. If there are no concerns raised by existing members after two weeks, the nominator contacts our email list manager (Ethan Miller), to get the new member added to the CEC email list. New members are then assisted in setting up a web profile on the website and uploading relevant research materials. Any members who no longer wish to be on the email list or website please contact the list and website manager.